Critiques from recent shows

Eldthoku Spilda (Vanda)
Judge: Lauren Pichard

Excellent, Ck

Pretty pictures 15 m old shown in good conditions. Correct head. Strong  pigment, bite ok, very strong muscle, proper tail set + tail and carriage.

Judge: Daníel Örn Hinriksson

9 months old, very feminine, fem head, really lovely expression, correct shape of head, dark pigment on nose, dark eyes of correct shape,  correct bite, correct rose ears,, nice neck and top line, correct angulation in front + rear, good bone + feet, correct depth of chest, Excellent movements from all sides.


Eldthoku Strönd (Penny Lane)
Judge: Laurent Pichard


Very attractive 11 m old. Very feminine all over with correct head, clean neck + shoulders, ribcage ok for age, Very strong hind quarters, very typical movement


Judge: Lena Stålhanske (6-9 months)
8 m puppy beautiful head w dark eyes, correct eras. Elegant neck, beautiful top line, well set tail, well laid shoulder, straight front legs with good feet, beautiful underline, well angulation  hindquarters, with good muscle in upper tight. Mover well + carries her top line well.

Judge: Daníel Örn Hinriksson (6-9 months)

9 months old very feminine ,fem head of correct shape, really nice expression, correct bite, dark eyes of correct shape, correct rose ear. Really nice neck + top line. Correct angulation from and rear. Really nice feet + bone, really nice movements and correct tail carriage on the move.

Springeldens Dolce Ranocchio (Dunder)

Judge :Laurent Pichard

Excellent Ck

Pretty picture 19 m old, masculine head well set + carried ears, slightly lose in elbows, moves ok, nice temp, correct proportions in body.


Judge: Lena Stålhandske

Very good

Good size, masculine head, dark eyes, too upright ears, Excellent topline,tpp upright in shoulders, could have more depth of chest, well angul hindquarters, very good movements

ISCH RW-13 Álfadísar Drauma Dagbjört (Þoka)

Judge :Laurent Pichard

Excellent, rec Cacib

Proper breed type, 5 yrs old correct head, bite ok, strong hind quarters, well angul behind, moves ok.

Judge: Lena Stålhandske


Excellent, RW-13, BOS

A bitch on the bigger side, with very good shape, well-shaped head, round eyes, with correct bite, g ears, very good top line + tail set, well angulation in front very good underline and hindquarters. Moves well.