About Us

We live in Reykjavik with our dogs, our dogs are family dogs that live in our house as a family members. We have been with dogs and cats more or less all our lives, different breeds. But we got whippet bitch 17 years ago and we immediately felt in love with her when we got her this is our Alfadisar Drauma Dagbjort (Thoka) she is now an Icelandic Champion, Reykjavik Winner 2013, BOB-BOS winner. Since then we have imported dogs from Ireland (BOS Winner) Mossbawnhill Glory Bound, from Sweden (BOS Winner )Springeldens Dolce Ranocchio BOS winner and Courtborne Rajesh from Norway, Rajesh has been shown in Norway three times in puppies class and managed to won his classes both BOB and BOS.  Today Rajesh is Top Whippet male in Iceland both 2014 and 2015 Top whippet in Iceland 2016 and he has manage to won Reykjavik winner 2014-15-16 and is both International Champion and Icelandic. . His daughter Eldthoku Loa is top whippet bitch in Iceland 2016. Our priority is to breed healthy dogs, with excellent temperament according to the FCI standard, show quality and lure coursing dogs. We are members of the Icelandic Kennel Club and FCI Selma ia  a chairman  of the Sighthound Club in Iceland.  For the last months she has been studying dog training.


Please feel free to contact us: selmaolsen@gmail.com